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Sales is the oxygen of all businesses. Sales and Marketing is one of the key departments that drives business growth, expansion and success. Every businesses have their own strength and specialisation – some falls under products, services or even connections. To have a first class sales and marketing team requires a great deal of time, training and investment and sometimes, there might be other business priorities.



In Catalyst Marketing, we specialise in Sales & Marketing with years of experience and track records across a wide range of industries. Most businesses runs advertising campaigns and wait by the retail and online portal. If you seek for a better return of investment and a more proactive approach, look no further.

We believe in the importance of differentiating from the competition, and aim to provide a proactive yet subtle strategy with high conversation rates.

Our brand promises are,

  • Risk free customer acquisition
  • Guaranteed return of investments
  • Brand enhancement

We invest in our people sending them to quarterly regional workshops and overseas trips, learning from other international sales and marketing companies and industries. We try our level best to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and skills in the region. Our people are coached to be strong and effective in face to face marketing as the initial foundation in the company.

Highly skilled and charged team tagged along with establish systems, processes and effective strategies.

Be it,

  • Introducing a brand new service
  • Reinforcing the advertisements gaps
  • Signing up customers
  • Activating new accounts

We aim to not just provide high Quantity but also Speed and most importantly, Quality customer experience.



If you wish to further expand your business or have a new service to launch into the market, we want to help accelerate you to the top of your industry.

Send in your business plan to businessdevelopment@catalystmarketing.sg