Regional Rally

Regional Rally for was held at KL across 24th -26th November. This event was staged at Putra Jaya Convention Centre and had 1600 delegates from more than 13 different countries which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, Australia, India, Ireland and US. We had the honor of learning from 10 Vice Presidents across the world through their sharing and celebrated our success and achievement for the year.

We also witnessed 2 major Asia Promotion to Organization Head and our very first Vice President of Asia. Catalyst Marketing had also 4 promotion plagues for Team Leader, Team Manager, Branch Manager and Promoting Owner promotions.

Congrats to Khor Yong Keong, Ke Yang Zhen, Lemon Chng and Jerry Lim for picking up the promotions. The team also had a great getaway and R&R at KL before we head back pumped up and ready for the upcoming year!



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