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Bangkok Owners Meeting

Twice a year we have an owners meeting and this year it was done up in our most performing city in Asia, Bangkok. 4 top performers were selected for this trip: Khor Yong Keong (Team Manager), Ke YangZhen (Team Leader), Cheong Wai Leong and Ethan Pang. The team stayed at amazing hotel Millennium Hilton Bangkok by the river. We flew in a day earlier to visit the most performing office in Bangkok learning and gaining experience in the Telco project we run in Thailand. The team also managed to visit a new location that we are setting up in Jan and hang out with our Country head of Thailand to learn from his experience. The very top-performing managers across Asia conducted a 1½ day workshop and the delegates benefited from the sharing. Not to miss out tailoring and shopping in the once of Asian favorite city, we wrapped up the last day with a free and easy day.



Hong Kong 12 Weeks Attachment

In line with our expansion to Hong Kong, we have staged up a 12 weeks attachment program to Hong Kong. On a 2 weeks basis we rotated and send our top 4 performers to Hong Kong to assist and learn the different campaigns and projects there. The initiative was set up to gain exposure and experience the market there before our expansion plan.Commitment

The attachment was indeed a success, going into a familiar ground our executives are still able to adapt and manage to clinch a few top performance for a couple of weeks. We are definitely ready for our move into Hong Kong and looking forward for more attachments to assist the start up.


Phuket R&

Our once a year awaited event – The R&R. The selected venue was Le Meridian. It was a nice resort with a private beach. This event was scheduled for the sole purpose of celebrating our successes and achievements for the year. A total of 8 countries joined the event from Asia, UK, and even Australia.

We had half day workshops ran by Vice Presidents and Country Managers which was absolutely enriching. The award dinner started on the third day with a black-tie theme. We had a sumptuous 6 course dinner alongside with recognizing the awards recipients.

Everyone was dressed to the nines and the night marks our success and also remind us the reward of our hard work. After the award ceremony ended, we transited the ballroom to a dance floor and partied hard throughout the night. It was awesome!


KL Office Visit

Visiting the pioneering country of our industry, Malaysia. KL was one of the first cities where our Vice president first started and ran his office there. 4 top performers were selected to this KL office visit and get the chance to visit our Regional Head Office and also other Marketing Offices in Malaysia.

The team manages to watch the Malaysian Team in action, experiencing different campaigns and channel. We also had the honor to spend a day with our Vice President who took us to his Chopper and flew our around the city. It was an unforgettable experience and the team benefited a lot from this office visit.



Taiwan Rising Star Meeting

This was one of the most awaited event of the year – our Taiwan Rising Star Workshop.

The event was hosted by Singapore and invitations were sent out to Hong Kong. The Asian Vice President, James Greaves, was one of the VIPs invited for the session. We started with a street food hunting game to try out the different creative food menus and experience the friendly Taiwanese culture.

We kick-started day 2 with a meeting headed by our Vice President, followed by topics conducted by the various campaign owners. The following day, we had a half a day meeting with an oriental themed gala dinner where our spontaneous people all took the effort of renting costumes and dressing up for it. Awards were also given out for the best dressed and best delegate of the workshop. W

ith Taiwan being renowned for great food and shopping, we couldn’t help but indulged in all that for the 2 days R&R. It was a definite work hard, play hard experience.



Bangkok Office Visit

The Country Manager of Thailand was trainED in Singapore. We decide to visit Bangkok as it is one of the performing cities in Asia. A team of 4 was selected to visit the different offices in Bangkok experiencing the Campaigns and spend time with the top performers that. We also manage to spend a fair bit of time with the country manager who share a lot about it’s experiences over the last few years.

The 3 days of dinner, learning and drinks allowed the team to gain a lot of beneficial information, which they can bring back to Singapore and place into practice.



Hong Kong Office Visit

This incentive trip was ran as a competition where 4 winners emerged at the end of the furious battle. It was an office visit to one of our newest set up country – Hong Kong. The top performers had a chance to spend time with the Country Manager of Hong Kong who was formerly trained and was running offices in Singapore.


It was also a very good experience to be exposed to the different campaigns and marketing channels in our new country. The Singaporean representatives spent 3 days watching the office and field operations and had informative dinners with the top performers of Hong Kong. Not forgetting great food and the superb views of Hong Kong’s rooftop bars in the last few days of R&R.


Dubai International Management Meeting

A trip when East meets West, where the Country Managers and 4 Vice Presents from Netherlands, US, Ireland and Belgium come together at the Middle East! Dubai was not only a rich and luxurious city, but also a landscape of breath-taking architecture.

After going through a 2 days workshop conducted by the top managers sharing their best practices and ready for some adventure, we hopped on our safari journey in the sand dunes! The experienced safari driver took us through the exciting desert where we took some serious dune bashing, followed by camel trekking and a hot air balloon ride. And who would miss the chance to have dinner in the desert? It was great to embrace the Middle Eastern culture.


Singapore Rising Sta

The Singapore Rising Star is co-hosted by the two powerhouses of Asia; Thailand and Singapore. A total of 40 delegates including the top administrators and performers of Thailand and Singapore were invited for this trip.

The event started with team bonding activities to break the ice and initiated the networking. We then had a one and a half day meeting, chaired by the top campaign owners. We also invited the regional head administrator as a special guest to the event. We ended with a 2 days R&R enjoying the delicacies and exploring the bustling city.