The man behind it all

Jerry was brought up in a decent, average family. However, since young, he was envious of his peers with better family financial situation. Skimping through meals during his school days in order to save and join activities, Jerry set up a life mission; to ensure his next generation will have a ‘choice’ of lifestyle.


During Jerry’s National Service, he was exposed to a self-improvement book that totally changed his life. He developed a passion in reading self-improvement in that 2 years, and gained better knowledge of Finance, Business, and Human Psychology. Jerry realised that there are 2 paths in a career; Specialist or Management. The specialist path was about focusing on a unique or important field and being very good at it. Jerry’s parents wanted him be an Engineer, and with interest in physics and science he went into Chemical Engineering (Hence the company name ‘Catalyst’) for his studies. However after his internship, he found out that progression will take a long time, coupled with the foreign competitions in the country. Jerry decided to move out of his academic background of Science and Engineering and find a path towards Management. He then began his career search focusing on getting into a Management role in 3 years’ time, irregardless of fields/industries and to be able to prepare and support for his parents’ upcoming retirement. It was then that Jerry chanced upon the Sales & Marketing industry which was performance based, but had opportunities to progress not based on seniority in the company. Due to the demand of Sales & Marketing services, there were limitless advancement opportunities and he was also mentored by a Director that had similar background and could relate to him.


During his first year, Jerry was very focused and committed to learn the ropes. Based on the knowledge gained from reading, Jerry created and followed a LAB² principle – Love. Attitude. Belief. 200%Effort.

Develop passion, love what you do and you will excel. Have a positive and great learning attitude at all times. Believe in yourself, your role and your mentors and lastly, put in 200% effort and go for 3 months intensity before a break as reward.


The first year was high in intensity where Jerry faced many ups and down, learn from his mistakes. Fortunately Jerry had the privilege to be selected for a few regional trips and workshops where he met and learnt even more from international Senior Management. In the first year, Jerry managed to advance from learning Sales skills to Team Management and eventually, Campaign Management. After his first year, Jerry saved enough and set up his own office, Catalyst Marketing Solutions, and continued running campaigns, working with clients from industries such as Telecommunications, Safety, Security and Charity Organisations. Today, Catalyst Marketing is one of the leading sales and marketing companies in the region accelerating their clients to the top of their industry. Jerry continues to coach his people so that Catalyst will be the framework where the right individuals could tap on to develop themselves and achieve their goals too.