LAB^2 Formula to achieve success in your career

LAB2 Formula



Love what you do and you will excel. We have all learnt the power of passion from our schooling experiences. The subjects that we have more interest (passion) in are generally our better subjects, whereas for subjects where we don’t understand why we have to learn, or doubt we will ever use in life, we struggle to stay away and dread to do the assignments, and hence, not so good grades.


Can you develop a passion in your chosen area or is passion naturally developed?


Yes you can! It’s just like how we love a person, our favourite team or a game.

The process of liking someone and having a relationship:

It all starts with an impression.

  1. You focus on the positive areas/factors (And the intensity increase)
  2. You imagine the good scenarios and the excitement builds (This is where likings/passion is created)
  3. You put in lots of effort to prepare and spend time YET, amazingly, you don’t feel tired! (You don’t mind travelling an illogical ‘out of the way’ distance to send the person home.)

Finally, the relationship starts off!

(Please refer to the terms and conditions*)
*Provided you manage to impress and make the feelings mutual.
*Please note that guy’s level effort might decrease after a few years of being together.


The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

If you can re-apply the power of passion in your career, you will get great results too!


How to develop passion in a specific field that will help you succeed in your career:


Know which specific field in your career will give you the most results if you excel in it

  1. There will be things that you don’t like about the task – build a list of positive factors of it and only focus on them!
  2. Imagine the good scenarios that will happen if you perform well in that task and build your self-excitement!
  3. Once you like the task more, you will be more interested to do, ask and learn but yet not feel tired.


You will then improve and get results, which in turn fuels more passion and giving you greater success!


A positive and good learning attitude.

Positive attitude is a choice, not an ability. We all know what grumbles and complains does to us, but YET, we are still doing it. Take responsibility and control of everything. Blame yourself so that you can improve and are in control of the results and not other elements.


How to have a positive attitude:


  1. Have a long term goal that is tagged to your love ones

It serves as a long term purpose and acts like an anchor to refocus you to the right direction. Your goals must be bigger than your problems for you to solve it. The problem is some people see time as unlimited. Live life like you are diagnosed with a critical illness and your time will end, it’s just whether it’s at 30, 50 or 80. You are created and given so much time for a mission. Find out and dictate what’s that mission. At the end of time, what accomplishment will make you feel that you have completed your mission?

People can give you inspirations for your goals, but end of the day you are the only one that can set them.


  1. Hang out with positive people that charge you

Many people try to practice positivity with willpower. It’s great but not always easy. Utilising environment can help you to achieve positivity easier.

If you promise yourself that you will exercise, chances are you might not be discipline enough to follow through. If you find a group of people with the same goals and set up exercise days, you have a higher tendency to achieve it. Environment is a very powerful tool, utilise it to help you and choose your clique wisely. If you struggle to find it in your surroundings, there are lots of external resources (Positive and successful people) that you can find on the internet.


  1. Practice gratitude 

Complains and grumbles are often the results of taking things for granted or assuming how things should be. This happens because we are having a wrong comparison point, comparing what should happen and what is happening. We always focus on what we don’t have and seldom do we pat our back and be thankful of what have we achieved and how fortunate we are compared to some. The chase for success will never end and there will always be someone better. If you don’t understand this, you will still be complaining after you achieved your goals. Whenever you feel negative, shift your comparison point and put yourself in the right perspective. Ask yourself what you have achieved and how many people hope to have that? How many people are you more fortunate that? The fact that you are healthy, strong and capable is already a lot to be grateful for.


Have a great learning attitude


Does learning mean you are weaker? Or the fact that you are smart and humble?

If you stop learning, you stop growing and in fact, you move backwards as the rest advance. Learning is a choice, that might require you to step out of your comfort zones or put a little ego down. Everyone knows and is better at something you don’t, as we all spend our time in different areas. Some people crave originality to achieve success. Success can be modelled, don’t wait to reinvent the wheel, copy 80% and modify 20% to make it yours. Speak to someone who is already nailing it. Use what you have and what you learnt to improve your craft further. Spend an hour everyday to improve the most important area for your career.

Resources are easily available.

  • Speak to someone who is ahead
  • YouTube
  • Podcasts
  • Articles on google search
  • Books

1 hour a day, 7 hours a week, 28 hours in a month, the results will be made slowly but surely given time. Learning is your responsibility. It’s about your choice, not the place or environment.



Beliefs are powerful forces that create wonders. However most of our beliefs are imposed, and not self-created. If you learn how to create and build your own empowering beliefs you can achieve so much more. It’s funny how we live life with beliefs as internal reality imposed by others.


Do you have a belief of…

  • You should bite your new shoes or it will bite you?
  • You must finish everything on your plate otherwise …
  • Red is the lucky colour
  • If you drink milk products in the morning you will need the washroom?
  • Don’t talk to strangers because they might harm you?


Are they true? Are there people who do otherwise? The thing our beliefs is not so much about true or false, although if you carry them they will be true in your world. The more important thing about beliefs is whether they are helping you or holding you back. No one validates your beliefs, it’s your inner truth created by yourself, make sure you have empowering ones that are helping you move forward in life.


Beliefs is like a table. It starts with an opinion (Table top), with references you seek through life and past experience it strengthens (Legs) and become an internal truth (Table).

Opinion: I’m not very good-looking

Reference 1: Had a break up.

Reference 2: Got rejected by a date.

Reference 3: Didn’t get more ‘likes’ than your friend on social media.

Reference 4: Someone stopped by and asked for your friend’s contact to catch up but didn’t ask you.


This might happen to most people, but if you had an opinion of ‘I’m not very good-looking’, you will take those instances as reference and form a limiting belief. Hence it would create a low self-esteem and you might live with that as an inner truth in your own world. The fact is those situations happens to people who are confident and think they are good-looking too, but the difference is they pick the right references in their life and form an empowering belief because they know it will help them to be more confident and do better in life.


What are the areas of beliefs that are important in your career?


  • Believe in yourself
            I am better than others and can achieve more.
  • Believe in your ability to learn and do well on a task
            There are solutions to all obstacles.
  • Believe in your Industry
            If someone else can do it, I can too.
  • Believe in your product or service
            My product/service is good and it benefits people.


Take a sheet of paper, write down the beliefs that will help you in your career and start building a list of references from your experience. The more the legs, the more stable the table will be.

200% Effort

The corporate world is unfair, people might have advantages but work ethics can help level the playing field. Work ethic is the key fundament to success and you don’t need talent for it. It allows you to get more results when you are new and when you get the hang of it, place the effort in further improvement to excel.


Operate with a self-employment mentality, don’t just match the effort with the initial benefits. If you play this matching game with your company, you will most likely end up being the unhappy one. You might be working hard to look for a place where you can maximise your earnings with the least amount of effort, but this place probably doesn’t exist. Even if you did find it, that illogical financial decision might result in the company getting out of the game.


  • Ask and be clear of what you need to do to achieve your career goals and then work to be the best investment in your department.
  • Don’t negotiate with effort, find the most hardworking person and put in 10% more to catch up and eventually outshine!
  • Deploy a more long-term thinking, give and receive more next time, do more than required and exceed expectations are definitely good operating models that can help you rise up in your game.



Success is universal, regardless in leisure, career or sports. If you think back on the areas that you are great at, you will find these similar attitude and mentality. Re-applying this in new areas can allow you to replicate great results. Many people work hard and put in the hours, as years goes by and they don’t get the results, they either work harder and burn out, or they get into a cruising mode and follow the flow.


REMEMBER the company and the job are non-living.

Are you tapping on a company/job to build your career?

Or is your life run by the company/job?


Work ON the problem not IN the problem. Pause, plan and ignite your Passion, Attitude, Beliefs and Effort. Hope this helps you to achieve greater results and success in the upcoming new year!

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