Career Opportunities

Catalyst Marketing provides a full training program that focus on forging and developing core skills. We aim to provide motivated and ambitious individuals with opportunities to achieve financial independence.

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Project Sales Delegates

  • Confident and possess strong communication skills
  • Positive attitude and great work ethics
  • Self-disciplined and able to work in an unsupervised environment
  • Assist in the company’s expansion plan and growth
  • Be involve in new campaign tests and launches
  • Innovate new ideas and systems to enhance performance

Charity Ambassador

  • Assist in increasing the awareness of the charity organizations
  • Be involved in fund-raising efforts to help with the associated beneficiaries
  • Passing on the knowledge and coaching future ambassadors (For key performers)
  • Opportunities to participate in overseas fundraising efforts and campaigns

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Work with the best to be the best

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If you think you have what it takes, We welcome you to tap on our platform and realise your full potential.


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