Bangkok Rookie Exchange

#BRX15 – a new hashtag created just for an exceptionally enriching trip. “Bangkok Rookie Exchange 2015” saw 10 personnels from Singapore, visiting different offices to learn from our respective Thai counterparts. We also had the opportunity to witness an “Assistant Owner” advancement. In addition, the new rookies met up with 2 of the very promising owners in Bangkok – Bomp & Jae. We definitely gained a whole lot of new and powerful insights from these young & uprising owners!


The highlight of the trip will, undoubtedly, be the visit to the residence of newly advanced Vice President, Mr Wong Chee Wai. He showed us around his legendary 2-units-combined-into-1 penthouse. We were dumbfounded! Almost every single part of his house is customised. Chee Wai also possess one the most stunning walk-in wardrobe which we have ever seen in a residence – for a moment, we thought we were in an high-end retail outlet! At the end of the day, we left his house in awe. Not only by the interior design of his unit, more significantly, Chee Wai has shown us why he is the 1st Asian to become a Vice President, simply with his wealth of knowledge & charisma.


No trip is complete without some R&R! The famous landmarks such as Chatuchak, Terminal 21, Platinum Mall were part of the itinerary. Riding on a bike was a 1st time experience for many of us. We took GrabBike once and we got hooked immediately! It is a must-do item when you are there!


To end off the trip, each of us was awarded with a certification, personally signed off by Chee Wai himself! As reluctant as we are to return to Singapore, it was certainly a fruitful trip with plenty of take-aways. Till then – thank you Bangkok!

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