Bangkok Owners Meeting

Twice a year we have an owners meeting and this year it was done up in our most performing city in Asia, Bangkok. 4 top performers were selected for this trip: Khor Yong Keong (Team Manager), Ke YangZhen (Team Leader), Cheong Wai Leong and Ethan Pang. The team stayed at amazing hotel Millennium Hilton Bangkok by the river. We flew in a day earlier to visit the most performing office in Bangkok learning and gaining experience in the Telco project we run in Thailand. The team also managed to visit a new location that we are setting up in Jan and hang out with our Country head of Thailand to learn from his experience. The very top-performing managers across Asia conducted a 1½ day workshop and the delegates benefited from the sharing. Not to miss out tailoring and shopping in the once of Asian favorite city, we wrapped up the last day with a free and easy day.


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