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Future VP Meeting – The Canopi

A cross exchange program was held between Korea and Singapore, in addition to these 2 countries, Hong Kong and Japan was were involved solely based on exclusive invites. The Future Vice President Meeting (FVPM) was held at the newest man made cable-ski park and resort, The Canopi at Bintan. The delegates had a 2 days workshop by performing Managers, Country Heads and Vice President of Asia. Exclusive lunch and breakfast was set up and gave the delegates a good opportunity to hang out with the seniors. Congrats to Chong Lee, Javin and Melvin who are selected for this trip. Keep up the good work and keep learning!


Bali Year End Party

Party, again! Remembering how awesome the last year end party was, we just had to return to Bali! Our butlers for the 4D3N trip already had our welcome drinks in hand when we arrived at the villas. We kick-started day 1 with strategic planning in the magnificent Villa Nilaya, owned by one of our Vice Presidents, James Greaves. We then headed to Potato Head Beach Club for dinner and drinks, accompanied by the beautiful scenery and soothing sounds of waves.

Day 2 was definitely adrenalin-pumping-fun! All of us were so excited for Waterbom Bali – a water theme park with so many rides that ranged from mellow and relaxing ones all the way to the really extreme ones that brings your heart to your throat. We were all drained after so many hours thrill. Recharged with a quick lunch before we headed to KuDeTa. Of course, we couldn’t miss the chance to try out surfing! After which, we went back to our respective villas to freshen up and went to Metis, a French Mediterranean, fine-dining restaurant for dinner.

Since we were so close to Christmas, we have planned a “beach chic” themed Christmas dinner on day 3 which was prepared by our in-house chef! After the sumptuous meal, we nominated our best & worst dressed people for the night, played some games, and partied our night away.

With heavy hearts, we had to bid our home for 4 days goodbye. BUT WE WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK AGAIN! Now, we’re really ready for a bigger and better year!




Asian Convention & Bintan

FINALLY – the time has come for us celebrate all our successes and achievements for the year! This year, our regional rally was held at KLCC. The convention centre was booming with over a thousand people from all over Asia and different walks of life, but with the same enthusiasm and excitement for what was in store for us.

Apart from all the medals and awards, we also had the privilege to witness an Organisational Head advancement, and to learn from the different Vice Presidents from across the region!

Of course, one can never have enough celebrations. So off to Bintan we went! For many of us, it was our first time to The Canopi. We were all amazed by how beautiful the entire place was. Apart from the lush greenery, there were also many different water & land activities. Despite all of us turning 2 shades darker, it was definitely time well spent!




Bangkok Rookie Exchange

#BRX15 – a new hashtag created just for an exceptionally enriching trip. “Bangkok Rookie Exchange 2015” saw 10 personnels from Singapore, visiting different offices to learn from our respective Thai counterparts. We also had the opportunity to witness an “Assistant Owner” advancement. In addition, the new rookies met up with 2 of the very promising owners in Bangkok – Bomp & Jae. We definitely gained a whole lot of new and powerful insights from these young & uprising owners!


The highlight of the trip will, undoubtedly, be the visit to the residence of newly advanced Vice President, Mr Wong Chee Wai. He showed us around his legendary 2-units-combined-into-1 penthouse. We were dumbfounded! Almost every single part of his house is customised. Chee Wai also possess one the most stunning walk-in wardrobe which we have ever seen in a residence – for a moment, we thought we were in an high-end retail outlet! At the end of the day, we left his house in awe. Not only by the interior design of his unit, more significantly, Chee Wai has shown us why he is the 1st Asian to become a Vice President, simply with his wealth of knowledge & charisma.


No trip is complete without some R&R! The famous landmarks such as Chatuchak, Terminal 21, Platinum Mall were part of the itinerary. Riding on a bike was a 1st time experience for many of us. We took GrabBike once and we got hooked immediately! It is a must-do item when you are there!


To end off the trip, each of us was awarded with a certification, personally signed off by Chee Wai himself! As reluctant as we are to return to Singapore, it was certainly a fruitful trip with plenty of take-aways. Till then – thank you Bangkok!


Langkawi R&R

The venue for R&R was decided to be at Westin at Langkawi. The resort just undergone renovation and it looked really spectacular! This was one of our biggest R&R with the involvement of 10 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Australia and UK. We had a one and a half day workshop hosted by the Vice Presidents and Senior Campaign Owners of the different countries followed by dinner and drinks for the first 2 days.

The key event was day 3 where we had our Gala dinner in Black Tie Theme. Over 100 awards were given out ranging from Senior Team Leader awards to Campaign Owners of the different countries. We spent the last day with a half-day island hopping on jet ski exploring the island and beaches. Seeing the different success and achievements, every one was inspired and looking forward for a bigger and better year!


Turi Beach Rising Star

The Turi Beach Rising Star is a combined event across Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. Delegates from the 3 countries flew in to the island and had a 4 days workshop and RnR. We also had the honor of  inviting the Country Manager of HongKong and Vice President from Thailand as special guests to share their tips with the team.

We had 2 days of workshop and gathered a lot of information from the sharing sessions of the different Campaign Owners. Of course the benefit of running the workshop on an island is that you to enjoy the sun, sea and sand too! We allocated time for a dinner BBQ along the beach, water sports and paint ball! It was a good balance of learning, networking and fun experience.



Regional Rally

Regional Rally for was held at KL across 24th -26th November. This event was staged at Putra Jaya Convention Centre and had 1600 delegates from more than 13 different countries which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, UK, Australia, India, Ireland and US. We had the honor of learning from 10 Vice Presidents across the world through their sharing and celebrated our success and achievement for the year.

We also witnessed 2 major Asia Promotion to Organization Head and our very first Vice President of Asia. Catalyst Marketing had also 4 promotion plagues for Team Leader, Team Manager, Branch Manager and Promoting Owner promotions.

Congrats to Khor Yong Keong, Ke Yang Zhen, Lemon Chng and Jerry Lim for picking up the promotions. The team also had a great getaway and R&R at KL before we head back pumped up and ready for the upcoming year!





The rally was hosted in Mariott Hotel in Singapore. A total of 600 attendees, gave out hundreds of awards and millions of bonuses and incentives. We had 2 senior team leader advancements, 3 excellence awards and many other sales and leadership medals. After the event, we booked one of the alfresco bars, Chameleon @ Dempsey Hill and celebrated the rest of the night.


Abu Dhabi / Dubai International Management Meeting

As per normal, Middle East was selected as the venue for this year International Management Meeting. The trip is a session for the top 20 managers across Europe and Asia to network and exchange ideas. This time round the team travelled across Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the 5 days Meeting. Our director Jerry Lim was one of the selected delegates for this most exciting trip for the year.

The trip was extremely fruitful and it was an eye opener to gain the information and exposure with delegates from UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and other parts of Asia. The event started with a evening cocktail party for the first day, 1 ½ day meeting, limo ride to Dubai for dinner, Ferrari world to experience the world faster roller coaster and ended with a relaxing free and easy day.