Company profile

Catalyst Marketing is the leading sales and marketing company providing solutions to internationally established clients in the service industry. Providing sales, face to face marketing strategies and reinforcement of an external department, we are currently in the forefront of established clients accounts in the cutting edge Telecommunication industry and Charity organisations.

We define ourselves as Catalyst, as we speed up our clients’ market shares acquisition and accelerate them to the top of their industry. On the other hand we also focus on training and developing our people to ensure their growth and progression.

Being the New Marketing Office of the Year in our industry, our success is driven by our professional Brand Ambassadors’ innovations and commitment towards excellence in a dynamic corporate environment.

We recognise that sales and marketing is one of the key components in every business that generates revenue and keep the business growing, hence we strive to be the very best and make ourselves invaluable in this specialised field.

Our business is forged upon the modern concept of global businesses with refined systems and effective but subtle  strategies. It is designed to allow Catalyst Marketing to keep in trend of the global market. Our win-win business model is about establishing a framework to allow our clients to have an effective strategy to dominate their industries, whilst providing our people development, growth and limitless progression.

Our goal in the next 10 years is to have 50 offices and campaigns internationally across 6 countries. We are looking at establishing new and trending campaigns. Setting up our strongholds and tapping into markets with huge potential like China, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Hong Kong.

Industries Diversification


Telecommunications campaign has always been the anchor project in many countries especially in Singapore. The technologies and services are very much aligned with the country’s direction towards a smart nation and smart home. From free fibre points installations to cessation of copper and coaxial technologies, many of the country’s initiatives are inline and beneficial for telecommunications growth.¬†Today regardless commercial or consumer markets, telco services has emerged from a want to a need. A highly needed industry that is very on top of its market and constantly upgrading and repacking to suit the consumers’ needs. We are very excited to be able to involved in and to tap on this trend.



Instead of just focusing on profits, fulfilling corporate social responsibility is something that we believe in. We seek to look for projects that not only benefits the company and our people, but also to do our part in helping the society. There are many meaningful charity organisations set up supporting really good causes. However, inconsistent volunteers and lack of fundings may limit this organisations providing their support. We aim to help our Charity clients to build their brand awareness as well as raising funds to support their meaningful causes. From environment to elderlies and even critical illnesses, we do our part and play a full time commitment for the Charity campaigns. Lucky for us, there are many like-minded people who believes in giving back and doing something meaningful joining in on our mission to create a better world.


Mobile applications

Since 2014 mobile application has been the upcoming trend as consumer shifted their attention from computers to mobile phones. The application store has been a convertor for us, irregardless of industries as long as companies has an app, we are able to assist them in getting downloads and accounts set up. The revolution has changed us from a sales and marketing team a important final gap being the OGA, on-ground activation team. We are looking forward for more new Mobile application campaigns from lifestyle, online shopping, fitness & wellness, real estate, cashless payment and more F&Bs.


Consumer Energy

For the last many years, consumer energy has been a monopolised industry. We have established relationship with private energy companies in the last 3 years, and are prepared for a big launch in 2018 when consumer energy becomes privatised. For the next 2 years, our goal is to have a growth of 100 brand ambassadors and have a accelerated start in the Consumer Energy campaign assisting our clients to gain 30% of Singapore’s 1.5 million households’ market shares. This will be the greatest moment of the decade and we are looking for people with team lead potential to assist in this exciting journey together.


Upcoming campaigns

In the next 5 years we are looking forward to move into industries such as Basic Insurance, Education, Banking & Finance and Security. Stay tuned for our upcoming exciting campaigns.



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